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amazing teen phone sex
Amazing Teen Phone Sex

We finished what he liked to call a marathon round of amazing sex, I called it sex.

For me it didn’t feel the way he would paint the picture. And he did the play by play of each move along with every little sound. I’ll admit I totally faked the orgasm that he was reliving in his mind.

I tuned over facing him and said “are you ready to go again?” Even though I knew the answer would be the typical ” baby you gotta give it some time.”

And as always he would fall asleep. And I would slip off to the bathroom with my toy I kept hidden away for times like this. The next day Daddy was all smiles as he put his hand at the small of my back. And kissed me on the cheek as he was leaving for work.

This was routine and routine was becoming very boring I needed something more. More than what he could give me and more than what a lame vibe did.

I needed to let my inner fucking slut out! And somehow get the man to agree to be a part of it.

So, I called school saying I felt sick. And stayed home to do some research on what to do to change the routine.

I wanted to have more sex better sex. Anything that was not my regular routine sex!

Later on that evening during dinner I mentioned my need to explore more options. I needed to turn the heat way up. And the only way to do it would be inviting another man into my bedroom. He didn’t seem to excited about me wanting another cock in my pussy. I didn’t have any intentions on dropping my need to let my inner slut out.