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Teen Phone Sex

Daddy’s always gone on a long trip for work purposes. I would dread those phone calls that had him leaving right in the middle of our family fun time.

Then once we all gave daddy his hugs and kisses mom would take off to her bedroom and close the door. She would ask us to give her a couple of minutes to herself. I never understood the real reason behind her routine. It seemed normal that mom felt upset daddy had to go again.

As I got older I realize that when mom finished in her bedroom. She had changed her clothes and did her make up. She even smelled different.

But, not until that evening I decided to play a trick on her. I found out exactly what was going on. Why she would always seem so happy after daddy left.

Mom was having an affair!

I watched her invite her new friend into our home. And soon after she was on her knees in front of him smiling. As she opened her mouth to give him a blow job. And at the end he would then pull his pants up hand her some cash and leave.

Hmm I thought how odd.

I watched mom do all sorts of sexual favors that ended with money for months. Until I decided I wanted to join in and have fun too, get some money.

Easy all I needed to do was blackmail mommy into letting me join. If she decided not to then I would spill all her secrets to daddy something she begged me not to do.

And from that day on she let me play along with her. We never told the men that we were a mother and daughter team. But that we were friends that enjoyed playing together.

I’ve got many more stories to share if you are into family fun phone sex.

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