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Melanie, Melanie, Horny Teen Slut



Hey there Lover, I’m Melanie, a sweet young blonde new to the world of phone sex.

I’m a Freshman in college and one of my friends works as a phone sex operator for a living. I thought it was something I wanted to do since I can’t seem to keep my hands out of my little panties.

Anyone that knows me can tell you I’m a horny teen slut! with a wild and vivid imagination.
Now that I’m free from my strict Daddy, I want to experience it all.
See my dad never let me do anything when I was growing up. He was always so worried of the world corrupting his little Princess.
Truth is he should have worried about ME corrupting the world . As I am quite the little seductress.
If I want something, I will make sure that I get it!
I have so many erotic fantasies I love to think and talk about while I slide my hand down under my panties.
And I’d like nothing more than to share those fantasies and stories with you. I have a cute little voice and have no objections to those wild stories.
In fact, I have got some hot stories (reality and fantasy) that I am sure you would love for me to share with you.
Be careful though, as sweet as I am I can have a very Bitchy Princess side. Even the cutest little kittens can have the sharpest claws.

I specialize in – taboo phone sex. age play, Family play, cute little coed, Girl next door. 

And everything In Between.

After playing with me, I will be on top of your favorite phone sex list of
horny teen sluts.


All live sessions with Melanie are confidential and unrestricted.


us $2.00/min 

 Minimum purchase 15 minutes


Melanie's Phone sex shop

If you’re unable to call now or you want to ask me a few questions.

E-mail me~ hornyteenslut@outlook.com.

Or reseve a time slot by prepaying for your phone sex or sexting session in advance.

Click below,  you know you wanna!

Melanie, Melanie, Horny Teen Slut